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Back Pain

“I have been seeing Emily for back pain due to degenerating discs for about a year now. The pain has been helped substantially. Emily is very knowledgeable in her techniques and her office is relaxing and clean! Highly recommend her!” -K.M.

Chronic Shoulder Pain

“I had chronic shoulder pain which had been treated with physical therapy and chiropractic care. The ache and pain remained after 2 years of different therapies. Emily was able to resolve all issues in a month of treatments. I look forward to my monthly visits with Emily for not only pain management, but the extreme relaxation acupuncture delivers. I highly... Read more »

General Health

“Emily is a wonderful doctor of natural medicine who has been well trained in utilizing knowledge of the past (TCM) to heal modern ailments many of us find ourselves susceptible to this day in age. She takes the time to get to know you, remembers the smallest of details, and does an excellent job in making you feel comfortable during

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Arthritic Pain

“Emily has mastered the art and essence of acupuncture. I have known Emily as a client since 2012, and not only has she improved my all over inflammatory process to relieve arthritis pain, but since receiving acupuncture my over all healing ability has increased tremendously. Prior to acupuncture, when I would contract a virus (cold) it would take 3 weeks

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