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IBS, Headaches

“I have been seeing Emily at Beaumont Integrative Medicine for acupuncture since May 2013. My neurologist had referred me for my MS. Since I have been going to my weekly acupuncture visits, I have felt much improvement overall. I have IBS and acupuncture has helped with that. I am 57 years old and feel that the acupuncture I receive weekly

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Lower Back Pain

“I came to see Emily to resolve some pain in my lower back that had persisted for over a year. She was very thorough in her evaluation and helpful in addressing the cause and symptoms. After experiencing great relief, I continue to consult Emily when I experience any pain or illness.” – A.H.

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Fibromyalgia, Shoulder and Knee Pain

“I do not like taking medications to control the pain due to fibromyalgia, shoulder and knee pain. Pain was chronically reducing my quality of life. This was the reason to see Emily Liburdi and for her acupuncture treatments. Not only has Emily been able to greatly reduce my pain, but my wife claims I am calmer in my activities and

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Multiple Sclerosis

“I came to see Emily for my MS symptoms of leg pain and back spasms. She took her time with me and worked hard to understand this complex disease. She included both herbs and cupping in her acupuncture treatment. I still continue to see her to help manage the pain. She was the first person that took the time to

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