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Testimonials on pain management

Testimonials for Pain Management with Acupuncture


“Go see Emily! She’s been helping me address pain in my elbow from overuse and I can’t stop talking about the difference that acupuncture has made. If you’ve hesitated about acupuncture, go talk to her. She will put you at ease and can help you across a broad spectrum of issues. She is professional, knowledgeable and will spend time answering your questions. Her facility is spotless and welcoming. She is here to help us. Don’t hesitate. We don’t have to suffer.”-C.D.

“Emily is highly knowledgeable and professional. My daughter is an athlete and was suffering from overuse injuries. She was nervous about acupuncture and to be honest, we were both skeptical. Emily’s demeanor put us at ease right away. My daughter showed huge improvements after just the first treatment. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from frustrating injuries that won’t seem to go away.”-J.H.

“Emily was very nice and informative. She worked to get me in quickly when I was in extreme pain from my sciatic nerve being inflamed. I have seen great results since starting treatment with her!”-L.P

“I have had pain and tingling from my neck to my shoulder and down my shoulder blade. It has been going on for seven months. I have been to physical therapy, orthopedic surgeons and referred to pain management. I have family members that have used acupuncture and worked for them. I decided to give it a try before more drugs or potential surgery. I received a recommendation from a friend about Emily and her practice. I am on seventh treatment and can tell it is working. The frequency and intensity have diminished greatly. I have become a believer and highly recommend Emily. She is very professional and knowledgeable in TCM. This has been a quality of life changer.”-M.D.

“Emily is fantastic! I would definitely recommend anyone to see her. She’s treating me for a trigger thumb and has helped me immensely! Definitely better than steroid injections and/or surgery! Her office is very clean and she is very compassionate. She explains everything she is doing and gives suggestions to help me at home.” –K.C.

“Emily is one of a kind and changed my life forever with her compassion, expertise and dedication to her craft & clients. I injured my neck severely in a fall on a staircase and after dozens of doctors, treatments and medications, I was defeated. Acupuncture was my last ditch effort and Emily was the only person who actually listened and carefully helped heal. My pain levels were debilitating and now I’m 90% pain-free and myself again.”-A.A.

“I was skeptical at first, but it truly works. I went in for treatment with sinus issues but found that it really helped the chronic pain I had in my neck and shoulder. I am over ten sessions in and haven’t had any pain since starting. Emily is straightforward about the treatment and if you stay with her recommendations it will work.”-L.F

“Emily was fantastic! I came here with a myriad of issues with no relief. Musculoskeletal issues, TMJ, headaches, etc. Acupuncture in conjunction with PT and OMM has helped immensely. Emily was so kind and always listened to/addressed my concerns. I know I will be back. It is unfortunate my insurance doesn’t cover acupuncture or I would still be a loyal weekly client. Thank you for everything Emily. See you soon!”-C.F.

My first experience with acupuncture treatment has resulted in astounding results. I’ve finally found relief from lifelong chronic head and shoulder pain. Moderate relief came in the first couple of eleven visits, to date. Continued treatments coupled with intermittent fasting has nearly eliminated my need for over-the-counter pain meds, and I am feeling better than ever. The treatments have been administered with a high degree of professionalism and I highly recommend these treatments for anybody seeking pain-relief. Good Luck and Best Regards.”-P.M.

“I have had the best experience with acupuncture and Emily! She is so knowledgeable and helpful at what she does! My knee pain is doing much better! I would definitely recommend this place! Thank you!”-E.K.

“I started seeing Emily five weeks ago for severe knee pain. I am just amazed how acupuncture is taking away my pain so quickly. I feel great and can walk again…faster and pain-free. Thank you Emily!”-K.D.

“I highly recommend Michigan TCM Wellness Center. Emily is AWESOME and she has helped me tremendously in a short amount of time. The office is relaxing and comfortable. Emily is the best….”-T.H.

“Emily has been a godsend in giving me relief for lower back pain!
I was a bit skeptical at first, but facing possible surgery wasn’t what I wanted so I gave it a try and am so glad I did!
The rooms are very relaxing and spa like with heated beds, aromatherapy, low lights and peaceful music.
She’s happy to answer your questions and is very pleasant to work with!”-C.G.

“TCM / Emily is amazing. Keeps things simple, very efficient and I have seen significant improvement specific to my pain and stiffness concerns.”-J.P.

“I had been considering acupuncture for many years to treat my hip and back but never pursued it until May 2022 when I aggravated my hip and couldn’t sleep. After a few treatments my hip calmed down and has been fine since. Emily is very professional and friendly and I recommend using her services without hesitation.”-R.S.

“I have been seeing Emily for 5 weeks. I was recommended by my pain management, to see someone for acupuncture. I found TCM Wellness Center online with great reviews. I have been having severe lower back pain and I am so happy to have found Emily! The sessions have been helping with my pain and that’s what I was hoping for.”-L.S.

“Emily strives to provide the best acupuncture therapy for my health care concerns. She resolved my issue with back pain and other minor health issues over the last few years. I enjoy coming to my acupuncture treatments for overall health and wellness maintenance.”-P.K.

“Our son had been struggling with a hand injury for four months, despite trying other treatments. After three acupuncture treatments with Emily, he was able to play tennis pain-free for the first time in months. It was truly remarkable. Emily provides thoughtful care and treatment in a calming, healing environment. Highly recommend.”-A.B.

“Emily is a very nice, caring person. She is very thorough and explains what and how things work when you meet, from there she takes into consideration your concerns and tailors treatment to best suit your needs. I initially started going to help with lingering symptoms of Covid. I believe it has helped clear up most of the symptoms! I was going on 4 months post Covid when I started and only have 1 symptom left now 7 months post Covid. In this time I have had setbacks and other issues that she has worked on me for. Overall it has been a great help to me!”-M.A.

“I started going to TCM Wellness for menopause symptoms and pain in my neck and back. Emily is fantastic; personable, organized and efficient and super intelligent. She explains treatment and is extremely thorough. The facility is immaculate. Prior to seeing Emily, I was getting pain injections in my neck. They only helped temporarily. After my first treatment, I noticed a big difference. I have continued treatment and the pain is almost gone and I feel great! I’ve stopped the injections. Regarding the menopause symptoms, I’m having fewer hot flashes and am sleeping better, both of which I’ve struggled with for 15 years. I would highly recommend TCM and Emily. You won’t be sorry!”-D.E.

“Going to TCM wellness has been very helpful for my chronic pain issues! I appreciate Emily’s professionalism and commitment to Covid-safe practices. I highly recommend getting treated here if you suffer from chronic pain.”-M

“I just had my 3rd visit to Michigan TCM Wellness Center. I’ve been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for close to 2 months before scheduling my first apt. The first apt. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Emily was very kind and knowledgeable which reassured me. She explained the whole process to me and gave me helpful information of what I should be doing at home to help my situation. One thing was I should be using heat not ice like I have been. She was right. Today I actually left The Wellness Center with no pain walking out of the office today. Boy that felt good! I hope I continue down this road to recovery. Thank you!”-S.R.

“I am beyond grateful that I found Emily. I suffer from severe Endometriosis and while living in California, acupuncture was the only thing that really helped me. When I moved back to Michigan, I spent months and months working with regular doctors trying to control the Endo and they only made things worse. When I found Emily, I was beyond stressed out, in a lot of pain and dangerously anemic. After my first session, I felt like a human being again. She actually listened and focused on what was really going on with me. After just a few months, my anemia has improved and my Endo pain is managed. I highly recommend acupuncture and Emily to anyone in the area who is dealing with pain or hormone issues.”-K.B.

“I was nervous to try acupuncture, but after being told by a vascular doctor that nothing else could be done for my painful legs and feet, I decided to give it a try – I am so happy I did. Emily made me feel welcome and after listening to my issues, thoroughly explained her treatment plan for me. I am doing so much better, able to walk my dog again with no pain, and I am able to do so with no pain meds.”-M.W.

“I have been benefiting from the health benefits of acupuncture from Emily for almost two years now. My chronic neck pain has gotten much better with acupuncture. I’ve had such a rewarding experience that I recently had one of my teenage daughter who struggles with migraines begin seeing Emily. As a parent I completely trust Emily in the care & attention to detail that she will provide in my daughters treatment. If I could have given a six star rating I would have done it! Thank you Emily!”-C.J.

“I have been going to Michigan TCM for about 5 months. The acupuncture is the only thing that has helped with my spinal stenosis and sciatic. She does a wonderful job. Highly recommend! Thank you Emily.”-T

“I researched and decided to try acupuncture for additional therapy in the healing process of a fractured tibial and fibial plateau. 5 1/2 months later I still was in great amount of pain that would fluctuate throughout different areas of my leg, walking any distances or being on my leg a lot during the day has still been very painful. I was still using my cane for assistance different times throughout the day as well. Although I have just started my series of treatments, my body, leg specifically, responded so well resulting in my pain level going from a 4 -7 on a daily basis to what I would say was less than a 1, and then it’s not really even pain that I’ve had, more so just stiffness within the knee area. I have been so optimistically excited about how well this treatment has worked. I will continue through my series of treatments to give my body a chance to recover completely. I have not been able to stop talking about Emily and her professionalism, and clearly knowledge in the practice of acupuncture.”-C.P

“I went for originally to see if the treatment would help my neuropathy. I have only gone a few times but have noticed other improvements with bladder and bowel health. I think I am starting to see some improvement in my neuropathy and will continue treatment. I appreciate Emily’s knowledge and her sharing of info.”-D.G.

“My daughter and I feel very comfortable with Emily. She is extremely knowledgeable and is great at explaining how and why treatment works. Acupuncture is such a proactive way to maintain health and to treat acute problems that may arise.
My daughter has lung damage from an illness and her chronic pain has been significantly diminished due to consistent acupuncture sessions. I am grateful that there is a drug-free/addiction-free solution available.-L.C.

“I’ve been struggling with plantar fasciitis for years. I’ve finally found some relief thanks to Emily. She also helped me when I injured my sciatic nerve. I would highly recommend giving acupuncture a try. The environment is calming and the treatment works.”-T.H.

“I feel blessed after calling at least 5 googled acupuncture offices, that I scheduled an appointment with Emily at the Michigan TCM Wellness Center in Utica.

Emily spoke in length to me on the phone and I scheduled my first appointment with her. I filled out paperwork in advance and at my first appointment, I felt like I met a long-lost friend. She is so welcoming, her soothing voice is so calming and she spent a good amount of time with me going over medical information and treatments. I have had acupuncture in the past after a drinking driver accident, but we moved 40 miles north to Clinton Township.

Her facility is calming, pleasant and relaxing upon stepping in the door and each treatment room is very clean. I am not afraid of needles, but believe me when I say, you do not feel the very thin needles enter your skin surface.

I have been greatly helped by her gentle touch and acupuncture. It calms my pain down so I can enjoy my retirement days.

I verbally have been telling everyone I know to call and schedule an appointment, you will not be sorry!”-L.L.

“My family and I have been Emily’s clients for almost 10 years. She has provided us with treatments for autoimmune disorders, knee and joint pain, muscle, and back pain to name a few. Emily is dedicated to providing her clients with the best care possible. During the Covid-19 epidemic she has provided and maintained a safe comfortable environment for the treatment of her clients.”-R.G.

“I have been seeing Emily for acupuncture treatment for several years now. She has been one of the most consistently professional medical providers I’ve seen. She’s attentive and listens well. She has been particularly attentive to observing a Covid 19 protocol and I feel very safe when I have gone there since the outbreak. Keep up the good work Emily!”-K.O.

“I went to Emily’s practice after having issues with numbness in the tip of my left thumb. My thumb had been numb for over 6 weeks and after just a couple of acupuncture treatments I noticed significant improvement. My numbness has completely subsided now! I highly recommend Emily. She is knowledgeable and the overall experience is very relaxing.”-S.V.

“I’ve had a lot of problems with my shoulder over the years from bursitis. Almost any exertion caused a flare up. The positive results I’ve had from acupuncture at Michigan TCM Wellness Center have been amazing! I’ve been able to lift and move heavy things recently and still feel good – no flare up! I couldn’t imagine doing this in the past without having a flare up. I highly recommend Michigan TCM Wellness Center.”-C.L.

“I highly recommend Emily and Michigan TCM Wellness Center! I started working with Emily in early February after I had surgery to remove an infection in my bone. I have no doubt that my excellent recovery is due in large part to the acupuncture treatments I received from Emily. She is very professional and friendly and an expert in her field. After each treatment I noticed a significant improvement in my physical and mental health. As a health care professional myself, I have referred and will continue to refer many of my patients to Michigan TCM Wellness Center.”-L.R.

“I have been seeing Emily for a number of years and she has treated me for chronic low back pain. For me, acupuncture helps more than physical therapy or chiropractic care. Emily is my go to acupuncturist and I highly recommend her if you are looking for pain relief.”-M.T.

“Emily is very professional and knowledgeable in the field of acupuncture. I cannot thank her enough for the relief of pain she has given me.”-D.M

“I have been seeing Emily for back pain due to degenerating discs for about a year now. The pain has been helped substantially. Emily is very knowledgeable in her techniques and her office is relaxing and clean! Highly recommend her!”-K.M.

“I started seeing Emily for Neuropathy 8 weeks ago and I can only wish that I started seeing her 2 yrs prior! I can’t say enough about this therapy, I have had less pain & more movement. I have since seeing her, cut way back on pain medication to almost none, & and feel stronger every visit! I would strongly recommend this for anyone who is considering it! It is a sensational feeling that lasts for days in my case! Its a very calming atmosphere.”-N.H.




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