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Testimonials Pregnancy

Testimonials Pregnancy

“I would definitely recommend Emily at Michigan TCM wellness center! I started going to get acupuncture to see if it would help with getting pregnant. Within 2 months of going weekly I was pregnant!! I have kept getting acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and feel it has definitely helped with the symptoms pregnancy can bring on like nausea and aches/pains, etc. I feel my pregnancy has defiantly benefited from getting acupuncture & I’m so thankful I found Emily and acupuncture! Emily is very knowledgeable and so sweet & I highly recommend!!” –J.K.

“I began seeing Emily before my IVF egg retrieval. Acupuncture really helped me relax my body and mind under the stress of IVF. We were able to have two quality euploid embryos despite my advanced maternal age. We transferred one of the embryos in August and Emily was amazing in squeezing me in the day of my transfer to yield the best results. I continued to see Emily during my entire pregnancy (delivered at 37 weeks) and it was the best appointments I had during my entire pregnancy. Acupuncture allowed my mind to relax despite this baby being my rainbow baby and all the anxiety that comes with that. This was also my healthiest pregnancy in terms of complications which I attribute to receiving acupuncture regularly. I HIGHLY recommend Emily to anyone undergoing infertility treatments or pregnancy- you will not regret it!” –K.D.

“I began seeing Emily because of fertility issues that hadn’t been resolved any other way. I didn’t know it at the time but I was just pregnant when I started seeing her. Emily not only helped sustain the pregnancy but she also helped the nausea and kidney issues I experienced due to the pregnancy. I would highly recommend her for anyone but especially those having female/fertility issues. She is AMAZING!”-M.D.

“I have been working with Emily since August 2018. I immediately felt at ease working with her. She was very professional and knowledgeable, always willing to help with any issue you may have. I started seeing her to help with fertility and sleep issues. She has been very supportive and helped me with every step of my journey. She informed me that I would need to put the time in to see the results and I have been coming in for weekly treatments. I am excited to share I am pregnant and will continue coming in for treatments. Emily can use different points to help hold the pregnancy. She is very caring, and I know you will all have great experience with her. My sleep has greatly improved as well. Please visit her beautiful office. You will be so happy you gave it a try! It worked for me!” –J.M.

“I started seeing Emily in 2013. After months of trying to conceive I wanted to try acupuncture before pursuing a fertility doctor. Emily was very knowledgeable and set my mind at ease. Within a few months of treatments we found out we were expecting! After having a healthy baby girl we decided to return to acupuncture when trying to conceive our second. After just a few treatments we found out we were expecting again! When my Mom was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy, Emily was able to help her with the terrible side effects including nausea and constipation. Emily was also able to provide helpful herbs and dietary advice. I highly recommend Emily to others seeking acupuncture for both fertility issues and those enduring cancer treatments”. – L.B.




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