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“I have been getting acupuncture for a few months now and I find it very beneficial. Acupuncture has helped with my anxiety, energy levels and overall mental health. Emily is knowledgeable, friendly and has great bedside manner. I would highly recommend her if you’re interested in trying acupuncture.”-H.H.

“I recently started acupuncture to help treat anxiety & severe panic attacks. Emily has helped give me my life back after struggling with panic attacks for nearly 6 months. She makes sure I am comfortable & feel safe at all my sessions. After just 1 session I saw amazing results. I truly believe acupuncture has saved my life! Emily is amazing!”-S.K.

“I have been struggling with my anxiety and panic disorder for a while and acupuncture has helped in calming my mind, as well as Emily’s wide knowledge in herbal supplements to help with an at home routine too!”-E.C.

“I get acupuncture 1 to 4 times a month, especially during winter for SADD. I have seen Emily for more than a decade. The body is so complex! Emily listens to your concerns, explains the mental and physical connection that is effecting your body, and provides excellent treatment ensuring your comfort level. Emily is kind, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend her for treatment.”-T.P.

“Emily has an amazing place, extremely clean and the Covid safety protocols. It put my mind at ease upon initially going to her. The acupuncture has definitely benefited me, I feel relaxed and my sleep has improved!”-M.M.

“I highly Recommend seeing Emily! Whether for pain or anxiety! She is very informative and offers a clean and relaxing space. Highly Recommend!!!”-F.P.

“So very thankful to have found Emily at TCM. I was having a terrible struggle with menopause and anxiety…now I feel like a new person. Thank you Emily! You have a patient for life!!”-C.W.

“I am all for natural healing. Emily has helped me treat my anxiety. I have been able to come off prescription medication (that wasn’t working) and am doing much better than I was before seeing her. I have been seeing her approximately twice a month for about 9 months. I highly recommend natural healing and I highly recommend seeing Emily.”-A.H.

“I have been seeing Emily for years. I started seeing her for stress and anxiety and now see her monthly to maintain a positive, happy and healthy body and mind. I have referred many of the people I love to Emily for chronic pain, addiction and different types of illnesses. She made me realize how acupuncture can be used to help so many different problems and is a vital part to staying healthy. It can prevent so many unnecessary surgeries. I had gone to many different acupuncturists before going to Emily-she is the best!!!”-C.G.

“I have been going to Dr. Emily for several months now and acupuncture has greatly decreased my anxiety and helped to solve some of my health issues I was experiencing. She is also very flexible which helps when making appointments. Highly recommend!”-L.N.




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