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Fertility & Pregnancy

“After 4 years of trying to get pregnant, visiting fertility doctors and taking medications/procedures, I had almost lost hope of having a baby. Fortunately, I found Emily. After a month and a half of weekly acupuncture with her, I got pregnant. She is simply the best, she knows what she is doing, she loves to help others and she is a wonderful doctor/person. I highly recommend her. Me and my husband love her and what she has done for us.” –A.W.

“I will forever grateful that I started seeing Emily for acupuncture during my fertility struggle. With her assistance, I was able to deliver a happy and healthy baby boy. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind. Most importantly, she takes the time to ask questions and listen to each client to make sure she understands their specific needs. I highly recommend Emily.”-J.R.

“Emily at Michigan TCM Wellness Center is wonderful!! She is knowledgeable, professional, & has a kind bedside manner. She’s always been on time and her office/rooms are immaculately clean. I’ve felt relaxed under her care. I recommend her to my close family and friends, especially those struggling with fertility. I’m thankful she was able to help prepare my body to successfully conceive, after two devastating miscarriages. I’m now 29 weeks along with a healthy baby boy! Thank you Emily!” –S.P.

“Emily is one of the most caring and positive medical professionals I have dealt with. I suffered from unexplained infertility. I went through nearly a year of fertility treatment without any success. Emily was able to help balance my body naturally through acupuncture and Chinese herbs and I got pregnant naturally without any other medical treatment. I did many months of treatments, but for me it was well worth it mentally and physically to go this route instead of continuing more in-depth infertility treatments. Whether you decide to work together with a fertility doctor and acupuncture or just acupuncture, I highly recommend seeing Emily! Mentally and physically, she has helped me so much through this process and I am very grateful for her!” – CM. K.

“I began going to Emily after struggling with infertility. She has not only been a great support but I cannot say enough on the amazing benefits of acupuncture. Emily is extremely knowledgeable and will to educate you on the healing and pain relief benefits of Acupuncture for your specific needs. She is amazing! After weekly appointments we are now pregnant with twins! If you are debating on whether or not to give Acupuncture a try, stop thinking about it and schedule an appointment. You will not regret it!!”-L.D.

“I would definitely recommend Emily at Michigan TCM wellness center! I started going to get acupuncture to see if it would help with getting pregnant. Within 2 months of going weekly I was pregnant!! I have kept getting acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and feel it has definitely helped with the symptoms pregnancy can bring on like nausea and aches/pains, etc. I feel my pregnancy has defiantly benefited from getting acupuncture & I’m so thankful I found Emily and acupuncture! Emily is very knowledgeable and so sweet & I highly recommend!!” –J.K.

“I began seeing Emily before my IVF egg retrieval. Acupuncture really helped me relax my body and mind under the stress of IVF. We were able to have two quality euploid embryos despite my advanced maternal age. We transferred one of the embryos in August and Emily was amazing in squeezing me in the day of my transfer to yield the best results. I continued to see Emily during my entire pregnancy (delivered at 37 weeks) and it was the best appointments I had during my entire pregnancy. Acupuncture allowed my mind to relax despite this baby being my rainbow baby and all the anxiety that comes with that. This was also my healthiest pregnancy in terms of complications which I attribute to receiving acupuncture regularly. I HIGHLY recommend Emily to anyone undergoing infertility treatments or pregnancy- you will not regret it!” –K.D.

“I started seeing Emily two months ago. After a year and a half of multiple miscarriage and unknown infertility, I felt hopeless. I even saw other acupuncturists for support, but nothing seemed to work. I had one session with Emily and felt hopeful again for the first time in a while. She’s knowledgeable, thoughtful, intelligent, and really cares. She’s aware of the local fertility network and offers a variety of referrals. I got pregnant during the first cycle with Emily’s weekly treatments! I’m further along than I’ve ever been before and am extremely grateful for her support, talent, passion and referrals.”-L.S.

“Emily is an extremely knowledgeable and professional provider. The office is extremely clean and well-kept which I greatly appreciate. She is easy to communicate with and visits are always efficient and on time. Acupuncture has eased some of my joint symptoms and aided me during my fertility journey. I highly recommend giving it a try at TCM!”-K.B.

“I went to Michigan TCM Wellness Center for infertility treatments. I had two previous failed FET cycles and in addition to starting a new IVF clinic, was interested in acupuncture. Emily was super knowledgeable on the infertility journey and specifically the IVF process and recommended specific testing that may not be done in normal blood panels. Emily provides a safe, clean, and welcoming space. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in acupuncture for fertility treatments.”-J.M.

“Emily is an amazing practitioner. She is compassionate and very knowledgeable. I was under Emily’s care for fertility and she is not only knowledgeable in the field but she is also an amazing resource for fertility in the area. She was able to recommend best supplements for preparing your body and also recommended a local fertility doctor (who I never would have known about otherwise) who helped me become a mom after 4 years of trying. I owe Emily a HUGE thanks for her care and also sending me to a doctor who could add to and continue my care.” –J.B.

“Emily is wonderful, kind and knowledgeable. Highly recommended. I am receiving acupuncture for reproductive health and my periods have become a lot lighter! I always fall asleep during a session and feel so much more relaxed afterwards.”-E.A.

“Emily helped my sister in law finally conceive and have a beautiful baby girl after trying for 5years.
She has also helped me and continues to help me with my health.
Emily is amazing. A must see for everyone.”-A.W.

“I have recently started doing acupuncture for fertility reasons. I found Emily based on a google search and it’s been the best experience. I feel like she actually cares to get to know my situation and provide me with other information on top of the acupuncture. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone. You will feel right at home!” –T.S.

”My husband and I were struggling to get pregnant. We were both in our 30s, but really didn’t want to pursue fertility treatments. We decided to try acupuncture and started seeing Emily. Emily instantly identified that my “chi”, or blood flow was not ideal to become pregnant and recommended some dietary changes and Chinese herbs. Unfortunately, we did end up needing to go through fertility treatments. I used acupuncture in conjunction with IVF and thankfully we were pregnant after the first try. I continued acupuncture throughout the pregnancy. Acupuncture was my time to focus on myself and my baby. At 36 weeks, the baby was breach. Emily was able to use points to help rotate baby into position. By my next doctor’s appointment, baby had turned! I also struggled with carpal tunnel and swelling at the end of my pregnancy.  Emily was able to use points to help minimize my discomfort. She was very supportive, caring and understanding throughout my entire pregnancy and even altered her schedule to fit me into both private and community sessions. Luckily, we were blessed with a happy and healthy baby girl a year ago! I would highly recommend Emily for those struggling with fertility issues!” –A.M.

“Dr. Emily is wonderful. I have been being treated by her for nearly two years for infertility help. I originally came to Dr. Emily petrified of needles and not knowing what to expect but the weekly sessions have not only helped me get over my fear, but I believe have helped me be successful in my ultimate goal. Dr. Emily is safe, kind, really listens and remembers everyone’s situation. I am glad that I have continued treatment and look forward to the weekly appointments.”-D.S.

“One of the best decisions I made was to go to Emily for my acupuncture. Going through IVF is not easy, along with infertility I suffered from depression and anger issues. I felt more calm after my session every single time and today I am 6 weeks pregnant. Please remember not every clinic is aware of what to do with IVF patients. It’s important to go to the right place and I am glad I went to Emily.” –M.B.

“After multiple pregnancy losses and going through IVF, I looked into doing acupuncture around my last embryo transfer and for the duration of a pregnancy. I can’t say for sure if acupuncture helped sustain my successful pregnancy but I can say that these sessions are so very relaxing. Emily is a wonderful person and always takes a few minutes at the start to check in and see how you are doing mentally and physically. Now that I’m post partum, I’ll try to keep going regularly at least monthly!” –H.K.

“Emily has helped me so much. Not just with alleviating stress but also with my pregnancy. Emily is very knowledgeable, caring and kind. By far the best experience and I will always refer her to others.”-M.K.

“I would highly recommend Emily at Michigan TCM Wellness center for anything you may be looking to improve in your life. I was referred to her by a family member and am so happy I was! I’ve been looking for a holistic approach to stress and other aspects of my health and wellness. I couldn’t be happier with the service! Emily is the most positive, reassuring and attentive person I have ever met. I look forward to my appointments each and every week and feel they have been making a positive impact on my life both physically and mentally. She is also flexible with the days she books her clients. Highly recommend!-N

“Emily Liburdi is the best acupuncture practitioner period. I went to see her almost a year ago with infertility issues. She told me it would take six months of weekly visits and I would need to make a serious commitment (And of course I was up for it. After trying nearly everything Western medicine could offer and having no results, getting to relax for an hour once a week seemed like a walk in the park). Well after three months of weekly visits accompanied by strong, bitter tasting Chinese herbal teas, bingo!!! On our fourth month, we got pregnant! Yay! Since then I’ve continued to see Emily to maintain a happy, healthy pregnancy. She’s great! Go see her NOW!”-M.B.

“Emily is wonderful! I’ve only had a handful of treatments so far, but during our first meeting Emily spent time going through my goals. She’s very knowledgeable about infertility had recommendations outside of treatment. Would highly recommend!”-J.K.

“I began seeing Emily because of fertility issues that hadn’t been resolved any other way. I didn’t know it at the time but I was just pregnant when I started seeing her. Emily not only helped sustain the pregnancy but she also helped the nausea and kidney issues I experienced due to the pregnancy. I would highly recommend her for anyone but especially those having female/fertility issues. She is AMAZING!”-M.D.

“I have been working with Emily since August 2018. I immediately felt at ease working with her. She was very professional and knowledgeable, always willing to help with any issue you may have. I started seeing her to help with fertility and sleep issues. She has been very supportive and helped me with every step of my journey. She informed me that I would need to put the time in to see the results and I have been coming in for weekly treatments. I am excited to share I am pregnant and will continue coming in for treatments. Emily can use different points to help hold the pregnancy. She is very caring, and I know you will all have great experience with her. My sleep has greatly improved as well. Please visit her beautiful office. You will be so happy you gave it a try! It worked for me!” –J.M.

“I started seeing Emily in 2013. After months of trying to conceive I wanted to try acupuncture before pursuing a fertility doctor. Emily was very knowledgeable and set my mind at ease. Within a few months of treatments we found out we were expecting! After having a healthy baby girl we decided to return to acupuncture when trying to conceive our second. After just a few treatments we found out we were expecting again! When my Mom was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy, Emily was able to help her with the terrible side effects including nausea and constipation. Emily was also able to provide helpful herbs and dietary advice. I highly recommend Emily to others seeking acupuncture for both fertility issues and those enduring cancer treatments”. – L.B.




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