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Pregnancy and IVF

”My husband and I were struggling to get pregnant. We were both in our 30s, but really didn’t want to pursue fertility treatments. We decided to try acupuncture and started seeing Emily. Emily instantly identified that my “chi”, or blood flow was not ideal to become pregnant and recommended some dietary changes and Chinese herbs. Unfortunately, we did end

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Fertility & Pregnancy

“I started seeing Emily in 2013. After months of trying to conceive I wanted to try acupuncture before pursuing a fertility doctor. Emily was very knowledgeable and set my mind at ease. Within a few months of treatments we found out we were expecting! After having a healthy baby girl we decided to return to acupuncture when trying to

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Allergies and Sinus Problems

“Before I started receiving treatments from Emily I suffered from chronic allergies and sinus problems for over seven years. Allergy tests pinpointed dust and cats and my top two allergens. I’m ecstatic to report I have not had any sinus headaches in over a year and I have become a proud new mom to a kitten named Frankie!” – D.D.

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Sinus Infections

“I sought out acupuncture in hopes of gaining some relief from my recurrent sinus infections. My family Dr. was very supportive as an alternative to repeated antibiotic therapy. The treatments were very relaxing and not at all painful with Emily’s light touch. She also recommended some Chinese herbs to support the treatment. Ever since I’ve begun treatment, I have been

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