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“At first, I was skeptical and was hesitant to try acupuncture. However, I was desperate to find relief from the daily pain. I had suffered from migraine headaches for 30 years, but the headaches had become more severe and more frequent. I was under the care of two different Neurologists. Birth control was not helpful in controlling the menstrual migraines. Preventive therapy (Topamax, Elavil and Inderal) also failed. The side effects were unbearable. Eventually, I was taking 2 Excedrin and 800 mg of Motrin in the morning just to be able to function.

I decided to consult with a Naturopath, who recommended acupuncture. I am a Family Physician. I spend my days treating patients with evidence-based Western Medicine. I was very hesitant to try acupuncture or any form of Eastern Medicine.

After 4 sessions of acupuncture, the daily headaches subsided. I no longer needed to take daily pain medication. After 8 sessions, I rarely had a headache, and if I did, I would have tremendous relief after a session of acupuncture.

Emily is a competent, intelligent and compassionate caregiver. Thanks to her expertise and knowledge, I am able to enjoy my life without suffering from daily migraine headaches. Emily treats the whole patient. I sleep better, have relief from carpal tunnel pain, have reduced stress, and have an overall improved sense of well-being.” – I.R.

“Before seeking treatment with Emily, I had been suffering from consistent headaches for years. I had gone to multiple doctors in hopes that they could provide me with some kind of relief, but none of them could give me a straight answer to what was causing them. That is when I decided to try acupuncture to see if it helped. Within a few visits with Emily, my headaches were less frequent and I wasn’t taking over the counter pills for relief. She made me feel very comfortable and was very easy to talk to. For the first time she was able to tell me what triggered my headaches and what changes I could make to help prevent them. Overall it was such a positive experience and I am so grateful to her! I would definitely recommend her treatments to my family and friends.” – J.M.

“I was out of ideas and out of hope for how I could fix my migraines. They were constant, easily triggered, and effecting my day to day. I was skeptical about acupuncture, but had nothing else to try, and I’m so glad I finally visited Dr. Emily. I felt improvement after the first appointment. I’m now 7 weeks in and I haven’t had a migraine, minor or otherwise, in two weeks.” –E.P.

“Emily is FANTASTIC! Our teenager was experiencing headaches/migraines, so we decided to try acupuncture. The acupuncture helped so much and Emily was so lovely to work with! She always treated our child with respect and they always felt super comfortable with the treatment.
Highly recommend Emily for all acupuncture needs!”-T.S.

“Emily helped me with my migraine headache. I was given the advice by my physician to take some addictive pharmaceuticals to get rid of my headache. Through Emily’s help using acupuncture I was able to get control of my migraine without any drugs! She is very professional and I recommend her to all the people I know.”-C.E.

“Very knowledgable acupuncturist!!!. Emily takes the time to work with you to find out what your body needs physically and mentally. Her office is a very relaxing environment. From a person who is terrified of needles, this decision shocked my family, however, I immediately felt at ease working with her. She is very professional and personable. She looks at all symptoms and tries to assist with any and all ailments you might have. I went to her with a laundry list of conditions and after just two treatments, my chronic sinus and migraine problems disappeared. It was like a miracle to me. I can honestly say that this has to be entirely due to her treatment as since we are sheltering in place from covid-19 and unable to seek treatment, all sinus issues are reappearing. We had also started treatments to help with fertility issues. After nearly 11 years of irregular cycles and being on countless medications, Emily has been able to work her magic to get my body to become more consistent. I am eager for this quarantine to over and be able to return to Emily’s clinic so she can continue to work her magic. She has been very supportive and helped me with every step of my journey. She is very caring, and I know you will all have great experience with her. Please visit her beautiful office. You will be so happy you gave it a try!”-D.G.



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