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Ulcerative Colitis (UC)

“I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) when I was a newly married 22 year old. When I got pregnant a year later, the symptoms only got worse and the flares more frequent, requiring a blood transfusion and an emergency C-section 5 weeks prematurely (thankfully my baby boy was perfect and healthy). I was accepted into pharmacy school 7 months later, and continued to fail all the treatments my doctors tried to keep my UC in check, all the while suffering many devastating side effects of western medications. I was repeatedly hospitalized, missing time from my family and from my studies. I sought treatment from some of the nation’s leading doctors in gastroenterology, traveling out of state to seek their guidance and experimental treatments… In the end, they all agreed that removing my colon was the best option. I lived with an ileostomy bag for a year and a half before they were able to reconnect what was left of my “plumbing”. In the meantime I graduated from Pharmacy School, but the illness had damaged more than just my physical body… It lead to depression and eventually the demise of my marriage. I was still suffering from many loose stools, sometimes still bloody, related to inflammation in the new “rectum” that the surgeons had created, commonly referred to as pouchitis. When I began to see Emily Liburdi for treatment of these symptoms, I began to see immediate results! Her combination of acupuncture and herbs were amazingly effective at returning my stools and bowel habits back to as close to normal as they had ever been! I believe that everything happens for a reason, and therefore, even my illness was a blessing to be learned from… However, I also believe, with all my heart, that had I gone to Emily for treatment years ago, I’d still have all my original body parts”. – RT

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